pro bikers for life
Catholic Organizations
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Pro-life Secretariat
New York State Catholic Conference
National Committee for a Human Life Amendment

Knights of Columbus
Naitonal Catholic Bioethics Center
Your Catholic Voice
Priest For Life
Sisters of Life
Post Abortion Healing
Entering Canaan: A Sacramental Journey
to an Inheritance of Mercy

Rachel's Vineyard
Silent No More
Elliot Institute
African American Outreach
Hispanic Outreach
Hope After Abortion

Chastity Websites
Love for Life
Life Athletes
Catholic Answers about Chastity
Pure Love Club
Sex Respect
Great to Wait
Teen Care Center
Crisis Pregnancy
Nurturing Network
Project Reach - list of crisis pregnancy resources
in New York

Pro-Life Groups of Professionals
Physicians for Life
National Association of Pro-Life Nurses
National Lawyers Association

Pharmacists for Life International
American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists
University Faculty for Life
Dentists for Life
The National Federtion of Police Officers for Life
Teachers Saving Children
Catholic Medical Association

For a list of professional organizations without websites,
visit Pregnant Pause

  Lutherans For Life
Baptist For Life
Presbyterians For Life

Secular Pro-Life Organizations
National Right to Life Committee
American Life League
Human Life International
New York State Right to Life Committee
Human Life Alliance

Femnists For Life

Crisis Pregnancy Centers
United States-Worldwide


Sisters Of Life, The Visitation Mission at 877-777-1277 (toll free) will find best
local resources for someone in need anywhere in the USA.